Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good weekend

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
i know i did.

i joined the 30's club.
i celebrated my 4th mothers' day.
i 'm slowly getting pretty decent mother's day's cards ...

thank you for the many sms, mails and for leaving behind kind words ... i'm truly touched and thankful for friends !
special thanks to face book as well ! :)

if u happen to stop by singapore, pls remember to try this: Hanabi Japanese restaurant. i can't speak for their service... but their food is good ! we had an uninterrupted dinner without kids. such has became a novelty...

of all the presents, this is the best-est i've ever received.
a scarf for travelling...
it's really neat !
mommy made this for me for my birthday !! she's really some talent !
i'm still in total awe, heartached that she lost sleep over it ! THANKSSSS MOMmiee !

here's a sneak for my Buzz and Bloom's project this month !

did a page for myself a day before i hit my next milestone ...

here's a leak : there's a contest going on at Cafe Prima due on 21st May!
pls Go check it out ! Have fun!



SnazzyJazzie said...

happy 30th birthday! welcome to the roaring 30s. that was a very nice scarf that your mom made. now we know where you inherited the scrapbooking talent from.

jazsutra said...

another jasmine here wanna ditto what the 1st jasmine mother like daughter,so talented.when ure free,pls ask mommy 4me,if she wants to adopt a daughter???thx.

Edleen said...

Happy 30th! it'll be fun :)

love your birthday scarf! so Beautiful :)

wishing you a fun week and hope you had a Great Mother's Day! said...

Happy Birthday!

Norma Kennedy said...

Happy Birthday ! I didnt know. Maybe we need to post BD on the yahoo group. Any who UR sneak peak looks amazing as does your layout for the Cafe Prima contest. Good luck !

Oh I almost forgot your scarf UR mom made is Beautiful !!!!!

Marcie said...

What a great scarf, talent runs in the family I see!