Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Deep Fried

the weather in singapore is really heating up...most of the days, we're either soaked or drenched with perspiration !! arghh... global warming global warming ... right now, i really feel for our generations to come can u imagine it'll only get warmer ?!


projects for YSS are up !

Title: Simples Toy

Title: BE
if u noticed, this picture passed its expriy !
i've scrapped this far too many times but ... it's our fave ! Can't help it :)

Title : Me My Mine

title: How much
a hilarious layout about what our little girl says proudly...

do keep our little girl in your thoughts and prayers... she fell off the bed while having a fun time bouncing and bounced off the bed and hit her head... BIG bump ; big enough to make me feel nausea and can't bear to see or touch it... medic attention tmw !

on a side note, so glad to have 2 projects from Buzz and Bloom picked up for printing due in Oct !

have a safe week ...


Anonymous said...

I love all three layouts!! Fantastic pages:)

Dee Jackson aka stampincuzILuv2 said...

These are wonderful!! I love the layouts.
Dee Jackson said...

I LOVE the BE layout!

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Beautiful work!!! I hope your dd is okay...scary! Congrats on the publication!

jazsutra said...

nice layouts m..luv the grandparents page!!! see u fri;)

heyhoewarren said...

gorgeous layouts Emeline! as usual.

happy birthday to your little one too!!

Norma Kennedy said...

Congrats on the Pub and all your layouts are amazing I espeically luv the $7.00 one. Enjoy the great weather- still waiting for it here in Indiana ;' )
Hugs, Norma

Edleen said...

Beautiful LOs Em!!! and yes to the global warming... we just have to keep cool :)

*Hugs* to your Little Girl. hope the swelling has gone down.

enjoy this Lovely Friday!

brigitte said...

Those are sooo cool LOs !!
Love them !! :)