Friday, June 1, 2007

OMG * toot * - edited


okie... sorry haven't revealed anything... L
not sure what to classify the information... hmm... i think it's half a toot only.
Got the news that i made it into the finals for Frances Meyer's call.
Boy, i'm thrilled, glad but above all ... nervous !

we will b away for church retreat next week.
Frances Meyer will be sending stuff for us to complete and that determines who gets into the next round...
and i have to submit the assignments for the next round by 14th.... Doh... i'll only b back on the 10th... i'm keeping my fingers crossed real tight to get things completed on time...


Shirls said...

is that all you are going to say??? where are the details???

rachel said...

anyway ive linked you!

jazsutra said...

m,congrats...more busy days but great sb time to cum huh..;)