Tuesday, May 29, 2007


started to do altered stuff awhile ago and i'm kinda hooked ! it's a totally different dimension. it's fresh and u can alter practicall anything... but no way am i converting ! still love papers and embellies @ their very best ...

here's a card done using Fancy Pant's....

Telia had her vaccine taken. o... Vaccine(S).
Doc asked me which jab we wanted to take. i said chicken pox (CP) jab and pneumococcal (P) jab. he paused a while and asked again.
" Which jab again?"
i repeated myself :"CP and P jabs. " thank u very much.
"Are you sure? " he asked with his eyes wide open and stared and telia who was oblivous to what was happening. she was looking @ the weighing machine.
of course i was sure ! :)
we'll be away for church retreat and she'll be soaking herself with the company of all her friends. we don't want her to catch any potential virus especially CP when Trevan is still so young. So she was injected twice and i must give her the utmost credit cause she didn't cry !
she just whined and teared a little ... when she came home, she took her pseudo syringe and started poking me ....
i don't think she took after me . to date, i'm still terrified of needles.



Tam said...

WOW! Your card is gorgeous and I love that you are altering! It's very addictive!

april said...

love the card! I so appreciate altering b/c I'm horrible at it!