Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Telia has been talking non-stop. I wonder if it is a gender inclination. She 's able to talk non stop for awhile, then keep silent and continues again... I found a new place to hide from baby's whines and telia's non-stop talking.
The Bomb Shelter.
It's sound proof .
A hide out.
It keeps me sane.
For a while.
I played hide and seek with telia and hid there. she could never find me there. At least for now. she thought mommy has disappeared for awhile and Ta-da. Appears again. :)
"eh, mommy here already....Mommy knows ma-Gic".

she keeps me kicking sometimes. kicking with laughter.
There's a Hillsong titled "One Way" the chorus goes
"One way, Jesus. You are the only way "
... Telia will hummmm the whole song and when it reaches the chorus, she replaced all the words with her own redition ."Monday... Tuesday... lalala"
.... Gosh...

i had a serious talk with her today. she always has Monday-Blues hangover from the weekend.
"Telia u know u can be very cheeky? "
"Cheeky? Yeah... Telia likes to eat chicken"

*smack forehead*


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Edleen said...

hehe...Telia is so cute! :)