Monday, June 4, 2007

Tah !

we'll be away till next sunday.

Heading down to Genting and KL Malaysia for church retreat and a short touring.
not so much a vacation for me i predict ! moms are always the most stressed out creature during such outings ... for me @ least .

have packed a pack of stuff for scrapping *teehee* hopefully while Trevan is asleep i can dig out some stuffs. Not expecting but just in case ...
I'm so looking forward cause Telia will be enjoying herself @ her sunday school... from tomorrow onwards, everyday will be a sunday to her !

here are some silly pictures taken by J using my handphone. It's blurry but i thought it captured what i intended to capture...


jazsutra said...

m ah,how could u make my Gson into like dat!!!so funy le...he look like wong fei hong's fren...noety mommy! ;)


Edleen said...

hehe..cute shots!

enjoy your holiday!