Monday, June 11, 2007

{ rEfreshed}

it is good to be home !

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a layout using Fancy Pant's ...

i realise i thrive best in was our first trip out of home with our 2 kids. i held my breathe almost throughout the whole trip. Praying hard that neither falls ill, that Trevan will not cry unnecessarily, and Telia will be well behaved... Well, almost all went well except Telia was really cranky during bed time. She wanted to come down from the bed to walk. @ the mall (yes, we had time to shop during the retreat) she wanted to sleep. (actually she wanted us to carry her )....

the jealous side of her surfaced.
she wanted us to carry her and not her brother.
she wanted to sit on his pram.
when we talked to her brother, she'll talk loudly and wanted our attention.
but when she hit home, she was all angel again, caring again for her brother like his second mommy.
i wonder why.

i got to know my son alittle better too.
i learned to recognise his cries. Yes, it's almost 3 months and i finally managed to acquire this skill... L.

mild cry = he's getting hot
uncomfortable cry = he wants to be carried.
cries with eyes closed= he wants to sleep. he had a broken sleep.
ferocious cry = hungry + sleepy.

he wasn't cooperative when we were in Genting. He cried almost everytime before he sleeps !! It was trying... we were glad we had extra pairs of hands to pass him around.
He seems to like Kuala Lumpur better... and didn't cry much.
yes, we did too !! We we thrilled to visit the suburbs area. Thankful that the road trip back was smooth...
i always have clammy palms when we drive in Malaysia.
Again, i held my breathe. we were afraid he would cry his heart out during the drive but thank God he didn't and poo-ed only when we reached home. In fact the minute we stepped in, he poo-ed.


i'm so glad to be home.


Edleen said...

oh! very pretty! love your work Em!
oh gosh...the little ones, well, sounds like they had a fun time :)

Tam said...

Em your LOs are gorgeous!

Mandy said...

Love the new work Em!! Goregous! Glad your trip went well.