Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bind IT All Projects

Some stuff for Zutter's .... check out the gallery for the other's designer's work ! :)
and read the Bind it all 's blog for updates !

i binded all my catalogues together to make into my own inspiration book.
The Bind it All is GREAT !!!

Here, I used brown paper bags and used the bind it all to make into an address book ...

Bad Girl's Top Designer's results are not out yet ... we'll get the result slip on thursday 8pm PST. Know why's it's taking so long ? Check out the gallery : here.

Gosh... it's another 24 hours for me ... a LONG Wait !


Sue said...

Great bind it all ideas, Emeline! And good luck on Bad Girls!!

TxScrapAddict said...

Wonderful projects! Good luck on the Bad Girls!

jazsutra said...

isit 12 o'clock yet?good luck m! c u later!

Marfa said...

I just posted my thought on the BIA...I bought just the wires and pinched them together through the holes I made with the Cropodile...turned out fine!

Sam said...

Found your blog from the Bad Girls site. Well done, your work is lovely :). Love the BIA idea too!

Lynnise said...

Emiline, your stuff is all just sooooo beautiful, I'm on dial up, so I can't take the time to comment on each of your projects, but the stuff you've put out there for bad girls is simply amazing!! truly just gorgeous, I'm thrilled to hear that you made it into the top three- totally deserved!

Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work with us!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Gorgeous, Emeline!

Anonymous said...

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