Tuesday, November 20, 2007


it's the middle of the month. no idea where the rest of the days went.
i think i know where those days went... they flew by in a blur.
DH was ill with P.
Funny how these virus attack even adults ; i thought it's for kids' ... anyway, glad the saga is over and i can ditch the superpower suit. It was trying to take care of 3.

Thank you Made With Love for generously plying new products on the dt!
we really feel pampered!

Using the highly sought after October Afternoon's and KI memories' Pop Culture.Don't they just scream " Scrap ME??!! " :)

Title : Travel Live to SF (Using OA).

Title : We left Our Hearts in SF

Title : Inspired Everyday (using KI memories' Pop Culture)

here are some others using Fancy Pant's Designs Products...

title : Bloom Where U R Planted (FP)
Title : S is for School (Fancy Pants + Frances Meyer's) - FM's stickers are really CUTE!

Title : Card - For Expecting Moms (FP)

yes, i admit i am in the crazy publication business. Largely because when u sit among beyond talented ladies, u are pressured to perform. Well, it's psychological it seems.
Now that the year is ending, i guess it's time for me to sit back and review my report card ! LOL...
but i m really glad and thankful that the curse has been broken some months back and i have some stuff to report back to my boss each month ! :)

it's not all glamour sitting on dt ... it's work ! and sometimes there's pressure which is good for improvement ! i remember my very first reaction when i first got accepted to FP, i yelped : " how can it be ?? die lah, sure malu (aka embarrassed) one" ... LOL... of course, to date, i've still loads to learn from many of the brilliant ladies and i truly look up to each and every one of them !
Of course, the heart of it all is not and shall not be forgotten. The root of why scrapping is important to me still rings each time i attempt a project.

thanks for dropping by and have a pleasant week ! !


Mireille said...

wow.. such pretty projects.. hope your dh is feeling a tad better.

jazsutra said...

woww! bk to creative mind agn ;)nice works!..do get well soon all of u.your frenster is spelled WATER now ;)
tc-catch up via sms.cheers,

Nat said...

gorgeous layouts - wow!!!!

Edleen said...

*hugs* i know the feeling of taking care of ill ones and having to be the SuperMom :) hope your dh is feleing better.

love your layouts and i know the feeling about feeling "so malu one" amongst other brilliant scrappers! hehe... it was a shocker for me too when i was accepted into one :)

hope you'll have a fantastic weekend!

Jenn said...

wow!!! lovely layouts... envy envy on the goodies... *wink*

do take care of yrself too, its no joke taking care of 3...hope yr dh is feeling better now...

arlsmom said...

Beautiful work as usual Emeline!!! I love your style and I think FP is lucky to have you!!
Hope you are all on the mend!


Tricia said...

absolutely beautiful layouts. So inspiring!