Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tweeet Tweet !

thank you for reading my blog ! ;)

i'm flipping like a fish !
One of my layout is on it's way to Australia for publishing !
it's one of the disney layout which i did a few weeks back ... it feels great cause after much rejection ( or rather no response ... lol ), finally get a Green light !
so, here's the rule: ... just submit anyway !

Other happy happening: my long awaited stuff from FP ! I've never received anything through UPS.... and this time round, generous owners from FP got through my stuff through them ! How sweet of them... it really feels like my birthday ! i really have to declare that they are a fabulous company to work for...

hope this is not too chessy... love this picture and thought it's a great picture for the caption !
home front, Telia has been acting up! Finally...
Thought she's one girl who doesn't harbour jealousy thoughts!
How wrong...
Since her brother was delivered, she has been one sweet little girl, lovely sister and we felt that she matured TOO FAST !
Indeed too fast cause she finally had a melt down yesterday night.

While we were in a mall... my eyes went wide open cause i've never seen her act like that before except when she is lack of sleep. She started screaming for mommy when i walked away from her to look at something.... people around must have thought how bad a mommy i was ! ;) keeping my fingers crossed for the better. We're trying our best to assure her that we love her very much still.... that she is our first love. Especially me, i have to be extra sensitive and observant... hoping and praying she not feel too neglected...


jazsutra said...

KONGLATS frenster,so happy for you abt dat disney pce!hip hip hooray!show me when they publish it okie...and oso WOWee all dat stash as if they close dwn and pack up evyting for you le..o my,so generous!really ah-pee birthday.(btw,so much singlish used here,i bet yr oc frenz "huh?"..tell em itz frenster's language hor...keke!

Edleen said...

Em! Congrats on being published!
and loving those FP goodies you got!!! :)