Thursday, April 5, 2007

{ It's now living for another }

Trevan's jaundice hasn't dropped. Guess will have to switch to formula for awhile to bring the level down. It's trying. Although the level is not very high, it is still disturbing to us. When Telia was at this stage (5 weeks), she had the same problem too... so IS IT MY MILK ?? :) anyway.... hope for the better and praying for the best!

I have never imagined how it would like having to take care of 2 kids. Cause i dare not think so much and be overwhelmed and over paranoid. Now that i'm in it, i do know it is not easy !! It really isn't... especially nap time !! YIKES horror of all horrors...

Have to make sure baby T doesn't disturb Sister T with his stretching noises or his cries when she naps. Otherwise she'll be disturbed.. When baby T sleeps, Sister T walks tiptoed... Yes, both my kids are VERY LIGHT SLEEPER.
How is that?! could it be the effect of an over-caffeinated mother?! :)

i'm keeping my fingers crossed while typing this @ lightning speed that neither will wake up. For now, any quiet time is highly valued and treasured... truly silence is golden...

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Shirls said...

hope baby trevan's jaundice gets better soon.

abby was and still is a light sleeper. we have to watch tv with the volume down...can hardly hear