Saturday, April 7, 2007

{ Happy Email Day ! }

some comfort to ease things up... hasn't exactly been great @ home with Telia down with viral flu .

Yay! i won a $25 gift cert @ A Cherry On Top ! :) and a few other contests ... Serendipity, Little Scrapbox
nothing great but seeing scrapbook stuff really makes my day !!

Of all the days, Telia got sick yesterday... We're having Trevan's one month celebration today and i feel so bad that she got sick. I'm sure she'll be so thrilled to see people coming with presents ; cause she'll think it's her own party ! :)

Really hope the bug will not get to baby Trevan... Not again !? Wearing a mask is now the new house rule. Poor Telia so misses his brother - can't touch him, can't see him, can't kiss him...With her down with flu, she is super clingy and wants mommy to hug, carry and she whines ! Normal. Perfectly normal when she is sick... BUT i'm so very exhausted ! Literally fire fighting ... thank God it wasGood Friday yesterday and @ least i got so me help with hubby around. Guess would have to miss Easter Service this week ! ...

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