Thursday, March 8, 2007

{ Thank God for ...}

#1 : Therapy Called Scrapbooking...

I'm now under 1 month confinement. No bathing (yup, you are suppose to stink for a month ! LOL - but i've already broken the rules !) ; No going out ; No this No that. It is supposed to be a time for recovery after delivery. It's largely practised here in Singapore. And i have a confinement nanny to "look out for me"... well, it's a more refined way of saying she's keeping an eye on me rather ! :) No complains cause she takes care of baby's poo and cooking. But it's still a torture especially in such humid weather, i can almost go mad in the heat.

some layouts i've completed since i came back from the hospital... it's such a refreshing time to scrap... Thanks for all the well wishes !

These are created using Home Scrap Club 's March Kit. Run to take a look @ their kits !

A layout of my gynae who delivered my son last week...
Journaling: God Created her hands to welcome life... thank God for creating those steady and dedicated hands and for being God's deliverer to help bring baby Trevan into the world... 3 March 2007.

A Layout of my first born Telia and our NEW baby boy...
You stood amazed @ the 1st look @ Your little baby brother just 5 hours he was born. You exclaimed... "Wow, beautiful..."as you stood there... Amazed...


Mireille said...

one whole month???

TG for scraptherapy
your pages look amazing sweetie!

Hope Amber will have the same reaction Telia had..
the journaling brought tears to my eyes.
Super sweet!

shirls said...

congratulations to your family. baby trevan is so cute. i'm feeling a little clucky

i broke my confinement the first my mum has no idea though. i showered at the hospital everyday. then i sweet talked my mum into letting me shower the second

beautiful layouts.

Christy said...

Congrats on being home and everything going great..

love the LO's they are awesome =)