Saturday, March 10, 2007

{ Confined ...}

Just passed my first week after delivery... i have to quit counting down to the end of my confinement. It just makes time pass MORE SLOWLY ... Guess i'm now going through the roughest and toughest period during my confinement. Engorgement, under 20 yards of wrap , breast feeding, feeling constantly hot, boredom. u name it.

yikes.... i'm becoming a grumbler.

Better stop.

what can u do when u are confined @ home for a month ? .... practically scrap away !
some layouts for your scrapbook gallery ... truly glad for DT assignments to treat my sanity.

Journaling: you seemed to have grown so much since the birth of your baby brother. We are so proud of you ; we were worried you would feel left out. to date, you showed us you can be a very caring and matured sister. Mommy appreciates that .. a lot !


Christy said...

one week down so thats a good thing!! and the LOs are beautiful.. =)

Mireille said...

gosh girlie this is beautiful!
3 more weeks !!
you can do it!!
Guess when you are "free" .. I will start