Friday, January 19, 2007

Phone Call

What is a mother's greatest fear?

i would think it is when her child falls sick. very sick.
Jaz called to inform that her friend's baby is ill with heart failure... WHAT? the baby is only 7 months old. My heart sank.... since i've become a mom myself, i'm obviously much able to empathise and understand the agony and stress the family is going through... the mom and child is in my thoughts and prayer as the poor baby goes through the op next week... it's so sad.

AND I do feel in another way too...i fear in a certain way. Since #2 EDD is fast approaching, this nagging feeling just sets in. Of course we have our faith to hold us through in times of trials and tribulations. But when things happen on our children, our mental mechanism just goes haywire. We hope and pray for the very best...

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