Friday, January 26, 2007

Hasn't been a great week. Telia and i are technically in our chicken pox incubation period now. Came into close contact with someone on sunday and this person contracted chicken pox the NEXT day! How very lucky... So, Telia's home. No School. No socialising for her. We are kinda worried cause i've yet to contract it myself (altho i've been vaccinated) and worst i'm nearing my due date.... sheesh...

Anyway, uploaded my FP stuff for the CHA.


Mireille said...

I sooo love your layouts.. and I so envy you .. you got to play with this great stuff!

I don't know about the chickenpox hon.. I think when your vaccinated it's highly unlikely you will get it!
Think your lil one prolly will.. which is inconveniant for her.. but better now then in a couple of weeks when the baby will be there..

Matrika said...

Great work.