Thursday, March 2, 2017


Besides filling up planners with documented handwritten details, it sure makes more sense when you include pieces of details like receipts, slips of notes etc. After all, these make up memories too. Translucent zipper pockets had been around for a while but pocket sleeves like these are quite a novelty. I love how Project Life style can be incorporated into my planners so effortlessly. Part of me miss paper crafting, pretty pattern papers and embellishments and these little slots are PERFECT!

So you see, much thought had been put into creating these transparent pocket sleeves. These are called Storyteller Photo Sleeve Pages and there really are many different designs to accommodate different uses.

Besides my Mint Floral A5 ring bound planner (which i use for daily use), I have my Webster's Pages Traveler's Notebook Planners as well.

Here, I cut up pattern papers and slot them into my A5 photo sleeve page. Inputs in these slim streamlined planners have a laissez faire style. Probably because the pages are empty and it gives free rein in whatever you want to write. Travel information, bitesize travel memories are very suitable for these user-friendly planners. After all, i'm sure they're called "Traveler's Notebook Planner" for some reason. They really are very portable and functional.

And so, I have several Webster's Pages Traveler's Notebook planners being used at any one time. One for sermon notes, one for travel details and perhaps a couple other (1 for documenting memories for each kid). 



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