Saturday, August 23, 2014

I *Heart* my Pastel Colored Planners

I've been really interested in crafting on small areas as of late.
Crafting on something portable, contained and functional has always appealed to me.
Hence, the idea of dolling up my personal organizer and accessorizing with my existing paper craft stash inspired me so much.

These pastel beauties are not only irresistibly gorgeous. They are ALSO SO Useful.
One planner isn't insufficient for me, it seems. One for my Prayer Journal, One for business related another for daily appointments …
You get the idea =)

Here's the REAL DEAL !
TRUFFULA FOREST is offering FREE SHIPPING Worldwide for all their planners (Both A5 and A6).
More Details on the free shipping code can be found HERE and HERE . Don't miss the opportunity to own one of these beautiful planners.
Pssst …. I hear there's ONLY limited MINT A5 sized planner left. Go grab one before it goes out of stock again =)

Here's a peek of what I usually do on one of my A5 planner… so spacious.

Blessed weekend,

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