Friday, April 26, 2013

Many Many Thanks ....

I need to offer my heartfelt thanks to the ladies who attended Papermarket's Garden Party last week. It wasn't exactly smooth a ride to start off. With delayed shipment and other issues, my heart just got weaker.Truly, it was really nice to meet some of you again :). I kinda miss teaching workshops here... haha! Thank you too to Papermarket, for making me part of this event :)

To every single one of you (and those ladies whom i didn't manage to catch a shot) ... THANK YOU!

(Photos are clickable):

here's a recent project using Inkido's



One using Inkido's for Berry71Bleu's Aprils (Spring) Challenge:

Inkido's - Card

and another using Melissa France's.... :)


MF Paper Pouch Close Up II

April is coming to an end really soon! Hope all you kind readers have a restful weekend....
Blessings ....


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Janetcraft said...

great deco, I love the inspiration, Emeline!