Saturday, March 2, 2013

Inkido's Blog Hop 2 - 4 MARCH (CLOSED)

if you came blog-hopping from ...wonderful Bente's Blog, then WELCOME !!

Here's what you could do for the hop ....
1) Leave a comment and you'll be in for a dip for some CANDY STAMPS from Inkido's.
2) Click on the follow blog button if my blog does interest you.
3) Stay on awhile here and visit the next blog on the list! :)

The Candy stamps giveaway :
Amazing stamps isn't it!

A brief introduction if you are new to my blog, you have landed yourself in Emeline's virtual space.
She is born and bred in the eastern part of the world where it is perpetually HOT and humid.
Lives in a cosmopolitan city and is proud to call herself Singaporean :)

Here are some of my projects done using Inkido's. Can you tell I just LOVE making stuff with these beautiful products!?


Inkido's Paper Pouch

Inkido Mini Envelopes
Some tidbits for you to know a little more about me:

1. If I would have to use for a month the same color combo - WHITE + shades of blue, green, yellow.
2. I also like to... be quiet and silent when I create.
3. When taking photos... I tend to take 4-5 continuous shots and then delete. haha ... blame it on the continuous shot mode! :P
4. I wish someday I will able to have 10 hours of sleep. What luxury.
5. My favorite tool is.. Martha Stewart's Score Board. What took me so long?!
6. I keep my pages in... an album. Why? Where do you keep yours?
7. Next time I want... take the roller coaster again....


Agnieszka Bellaidea













Go ahead....! and drop by Evgenia's Blog and SWOON over her ever gorgeous projects!


IrinaR said...

Доброе утро у нас и доброй ночи у Вас! Спасибо блог-хоп за знакомство! Мне очень понравилось у Вас в блоге! такие чудесные работы!!! с удовольствие стала последователем блога!

English Teacher Jurgita said...

nice to meet you and your beautiful LO :)

Lelishna said...

Very nice page!
Nice to meet you with your blog.

Iryna Kittsteiner said...

This layout and cards are so gorgeous! Thank you for the inspiration!

Виктория Азарова said...

Благодаря блог-хопу познакомилась с Вашим творчеством. Рада знакомству.

Buffy Esser said...

wow beautiful projects!

Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

Beautiful work! I love the mix of colorful flowers on your layout. Thanks for the inspiration. =)

Kathy Mosher said...

Hi! I've never talked to anyone in Singapore, How exciting!!!! Your blog is amazing and I just love your work!!! I live in the US in the State of Alaska, way up north! Your blog is amazing and I LOVE your work!

Bellaidea said...

Nice to meet you..again:), I regret I did not know you when last time I visited S.Well, I will keep playing lotto and organize this Big S meeting for all my firneds:)

Helen said...

Чудесные работы!! Рада знакомству!!

Michelle Logan said...

Your work is sooo beautiful am already a follower of your Blog!

MichelleMc said...

Gorgeous projects! Love your work!

pattyo said...

Absolutely gorgeous projects, Emeline! I always love visiting your blog.

Beatrice Lawson said...

Your page and cards are so gorgeous as usual.. you have got to share how you manage to put your pages in albums, they are always so full of flowers and dimension!

Davi said...

Your Lo and cards are gorgeous! I love that the colors are soft and feminine :)

Kirsten said...

wow i love your work, it looks so magical

Cherished said...

Gorgeous work. Nice to meet you. I am now a follower.

T Young said...

Your work is always lovely. All of the layers and fussy cutting must take you hours, but look fantastic. Patience pays off :)

Ida Pingvino said...

Thats great work! its all beautiful!! Def gonna get inspired by you! started following you ;)


Albums? What kind?
I am yet to find ones to accommodate my bulky pages.
Beautiful work, as always, Emeline!

Zanka said...

It's such a pleasure to watch your works! They are so ephemeral and full of light:)

Stephi said...

Beautiful art, love it

JRABS -Jennifer Snyder said...

Just hopping around having fun and admiring all the gorgeous Inkido pieces of art.

Bente Fagerberg said...

Just out a-hoppin' to say hi to all my Inkido friends. Love your projects. As the others have said they are so pretty and full of light./xo

MEGHA-DT and free lancer at KB. said...

your new follower,enjoying hop reading about you all.your creation are very lovely ,nice use of whites.

Christie Bryant said...

Oh my goodness girly! Everything you create is GORGEOUS!!!

Maria Therese said...

Gorgeous layout ♥♥