Thursday, December 20, 2012

Change ...


The past few month had its ups and downs and I'm thankful for the occasional exciting
spurts of events that sweetened my paper craft journey.
Really, as a laid back person, I can't ask for more when sweet deals come my way.
I'm not a hardworking when it comes to socializing. I don't network.
I'm just not there for people to know me.

I was waiting to see what'll be in store for me in the coming months.
There were some changes to the store that I was designing for and I took a hiatus from teaching workshops locally. I've been asked countless times when will my next workshop be. Yes, it is always a fantastic experience to be able to teach offshore.
But when is my next workshop here, in singapore, many asked. Honestly, I had no answer.

Now, I might have an answer to that question.
I'm grateful to join the company of the many talented designers/educators at Paper Market.

It may sound naive but to me, it's really an offer that dropped from the sky!
Next year will be a fresh year for me to start another chapter in my paper craft journey... feel jittery? You bet! Excited? VERY!
Look out for workshops probably in the second half of the year, yah...
Wish me the best.

nd what's making me hyperventilate now : I'm FINALLY able to attend CHA in January!
*CHA = Craft and Hobby association. Smack me on the shoulder and say HI ok .... :)
Update again .....

God Bless...


Janetcraft said...

great to hear that..!!!!!! CONGRATS!

pattyo said...


Bellaidea said...

So happy for you!

SamSam said...

Wow! Congrats! :)

Kelly Foster said...

Congrats!! Love your positive outlook, very inspiring!!