Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tutorial - Intricate (motif) Cutting

Here are some tips on incorporating fussy cutting into your next papercrafting project!
Using Websters Pages Wonderfall Collection.

Wonderfall Layout

Did you know that the term "fussy cut" is also used in quilting? It simply means to target and cut out a specific motif on a pattern paper.
Intricate cutting may not be everyone's cup of tea but who knows?! Maybe you'll be inspired to cut a motif on a pattern paper in future.

I'll share some of my routines I normally albeit by each time I attempt to do some detail work with the scissors.

Step 1: Use precision scissors. Those with pointed edge works best.

Step 2: Select your motif. Cut it out from the main pattern paper.

A smaller surface is easier to cut around.

Step 3: Maneuver your scissors.

If you are a right-hander, hold the scissors with your right hand, motif on your left hand. Turn the motif as you cut and pivot your right hand. (ie: Your left handing which is holding the motif should be moving around the scissors. Not the scissors cutting/moving around the motif).

It might seem very intimidating initially, but follow these simple steps and we'll work a way to cut this fun piece out!
I'll use the example of the carousel. Most of the time, I do not use my pen knife to cut out every nook and cranny. I prefer to use my scissors. Cut out the flag and cut around the flag (you may wish to make use of a tweezer to help to have a better grip if the motif is really small and you are determined to cut it).

Cut through the top of the carousel and slowly cut out rectangular grids from the carousel. It is easier to cut straight cuts than curves. Embrace imperfection.

Step 4: Use pop up foam adhesives.

To create dimension, I adhere a primary motif (using foam dots) and leverage on it to build my cluster of embellishments. I particularly like to have a couple of motifs stand out. Reason being, I can tuck and overlap other cut out patterns.

Step 5: Cheat.

Nobody is going to judge if you cut the motif "wrong". Even if you do, no sweat. Cover it up with a sticker gem or simply tuck under a focal motif mentioned in step 4.

So, here are some steps I routinely take when I am inspired to do some intricate cutting.
One more tip, try to use a solid colored background as your base. Let the intricacy of your cut-outs stand in contrast against the plain background. I promise it'll pop!

Have a blessed week ....


pattyo said...

Love the layout and tutorial! The butterfly looks beautiful above the carousel.

Cindy Lee said...

Wow! Those cutting are really intricate and I don't think I could pull it off like you. Just love your page!