Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I like the thought of having my hair in varying shades of brown.
Dropped the idea eventually.
Doesn't make much sense.
Hair not luscious.
Can't upkeep the look.
Ain't too acceptable in our home environment.
Having that look breeds the presumption i'm a rebel.
I just settled with streaks of a shade of brown.

but i'm allowed to fantasy having locks with a cocktail of color.
These images started popping up on fashion pages, across the www and I am totally sold to the concept of having blended mix of colors.
OK .... I know this isn't for everyone. BUT i think the gradual deviation of the saturated colors are really fabulous to look at!


So, since I cannot have these pretty cocktail on my hair.
I had to have it somewhere.
We, at Webster's Pages, welcome our August Guest Wendy Sue Anderson! I had the privilege to scrap lift one of her layouts and had great deal of adventure with my mediums (again!) to make my background OMBRE.
Yep, that's the term to describe graduated/ shaded in tone.



the blend of colors brings on a great deal of interest on a page!

My next layout was created for Made With Love.
We were tasked to create based on a "girl friend" theme.
Who else but to look to one of my girl-friend who's miles apart from me.

2012-08-15 19.41.12

This girl is entering another phase of her life and I'm SO thrilled and excited for
her and her Mr. :) Check out her good news HERE!

I'll leave you with a collage of my inspiration board from Pinterest.

PicMonkey Collage

Clockwise from my :
1. BIRDS & FEATHERS Board. Source
2. IN BETWEEN BLUE Board. Source.
3. FLAGS & SCROLLS Board. Source.
4. ANTIQUE WHITE Board. Source.
5. PRETTY PINK Board. Source.
6. COLORISTIC Board. Source.
7. STRIPES. Source.
8. FAIRY! PRETTY! Source.
9. SAY CHEESE! Board. Source.

Hope you'll find some inspirations over at the site!
God Bless...



pattyo said...

Beautiful layouts, Em! I love the graduated coloring, too.

teacher jessy said...

Oh Em! Thanks for making us look so good on the layout. Gorgeous indeed! Yes, I can't wait to enjoy my motherhood when the baby is out to greet us!

Montse said...

Hi, Em! Just knowing your blog and I love it, you are a great artist!! Following you by now1 Hugs from Spain!