Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Club Couture

A LOT of my apparel purchases are made online in recent years.
I like to take my time to browse in the still of the night, click-delete, stay-in-the-cart for a while and ponder before purchases, ... I'm really impressed how online purchase has progressed and is here to stay!

For me to frequent an online store more than once, it have had to have the criteria of having FREE SHIPPING (yes, even if it means having to spend a certain amount).

Know what caught my eyes at CLUB COUTURE recently? :)
Ready to hear to GOOD STUFF? (*for limited period only*)
- free next day delivery on all singapore orders
- free delivery for all orders worldwide (click CLUB COUTURE and select your country)

Have a GREAT Time loosing yourself at CLUB COUTURE !

The Trendy White Lace edged Collar! - Sleek :) S$35!

This looks fabulous! only S$39!

See, the price is pretty reasonable too!
Have a blessed week.... :)

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