Friday, September 16, 2011

Webster's Pages Novel Tree

Hey sweet readers,

here's the winner for my Dusty Attic's giveaway = No. 52.

Email me :

Stay tune k, .... this won't be the last Dusty Attic's giveaway! =)

Not sure if you've heard about Webster's Pages Newest Product ?!

Webster's Pages myNovelTree Intro from Brandin O'Neill on Vimeo.

we will be launching myNovelTree's Founding Club Membership!

What is myNovelTree

Boutique-style PhotoBooks

One-of-a-Kind PocketBooks (Photobooks with pockets - wow!)

Beautiful Scrapbook Pages

...all amazing books and pages & pre-designed for you!

I have NEVER seen PhotoBooks like these before.

Stay Tuned for the BIG REVEAL next week!

Signature copy

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Janetcraft said...

Hi Emeline, wow cant wait to see what's new in the market..!!
So glad that you came by with unforgettable comments given...thanks so much ..keep in touch!