Thursday, August 4, 2011

Club Couture Summer'11 Collection - Advertorial

Let's take a break from paper craft, shall we =)

I'm Big on online shopping and not shy about it. Lots more choices and so convenient. I know it is a factor when it comes to ill-fitting apparels, i for one am willing to take the risk and adjust my expectations. Cause i know after all, it is really unlike the real shopping experience. That said, it doesn't mean i throw $ around - i just select what i buy wisely.
Affordable, FREE shipping (free with a minimum amount outside Singapore) , FREE return.
That is my key (well ... almost. cause i know these 3 key words doesn't sing well together). That is why, i thought i'll direct u to this again: Club Couture.

I think the pictures speaks louder than my words:
Here's their ultra cool LOOK BOOKcategory-banner-she-dreams Inspired by the French Riveria, this collection brings together a classic meld of sweet romance, love for the countryside and effortless style.

My favourites

1. Pleated strapless maxi dress
2. Banded Bodycon Dress (My kind of color i like!)
3. Dress in Yellow and Grey (color choice - heavenly!)
4. Criss Cross black cardigan (an essential!)


Established in 2009, ClubCouture is a fast growing international online fashion retailer. Founded in Singapore, ClubCouture today has a worldwide following, with the strongest presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States. ClubCouture is a contemporary label which caters to the young, fashionable and upwardly mobile. ClubCouture designs, produces and distributes a range of carefully curated apparel and accessories. Our signature designs vary from
vary from sweet and darling styles to bold and fun party dresses and chic versatile corporate wear.

and yes, if u wanna know, I DO buy stuff from them!

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teacher jessy said...

Lovely selections!! Love their designs too. TFS :)