Saturday, May 21, 2011

Club Couture


Love F'shion.
Love them chic and timeless...
Great deal, better still !
Do check out Club Couture ...

Club Corture

FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for overseas blog friends.
For local Singapore gals, it is free shipping above $80.
A further 15% Discount with this CODE : CCBLOG15 (also extends to all countries).

and psst: they offer no frill returns for cautious on-line shoppers!

Such SWEET DEAL! Their apparels are really worth a second look. ME LOVE !! and my favourites :

Picnik collage

will be back soon; i'm dead tired....
thank you for ALL your lovely sweet wishes in the previous post. I think blogger acted up and i lost some of your comments :/ sorry 'abt it!


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Lynette said...

Now...if only I could be young again;-)