Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tattered Angels and Melissa France's

Here are some items created using Tattered Angels products and this month we were asked to work with some wood ...Wood comes in varying thickness and wood grains vary. In my following 3 projects, I experimented on recycled/ repurposed wooden platforms.Most items can be found even in your own home.

This piece of wall decoration was created on a 4"x4" wooden block. Because of the synthetic nature of this wooden block, the grains are not evidently obvious. However, it acts as a solid base for most mixed media projects.

I covered the wooden block with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam (Espresso). The result is instant and the texture of this water soluble paint with added glitter is amazing. I coated the block with 2 coats of paint and I love the subtle glitter sheen!


Next, I made used of wooden spools and transformed the original blah brown to a rich and luscious brown. All with the help of Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam (Espresso).
This results in a deep brown stain on the spools.


You might think twice before you discard the next Popsicle stick! I recycled these popsicle sticks and repurposed them into a shadow box. (I used 40!)
I had in mind, to create a white shadow box, so I applied gesso on all the sticks. Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam (Chandelier) does the job of covering the sticks with instant glam. The sticks (after arranging them into place) look elegant and completely transformed !
Here, i coated the seam binding with Glimmer Mist Chalkboard (Mint Chocolate Chip, Cotton Candy) and Glimmer Mist (Frost).

finally, over to the Color Room palette #32 :

(clickable for a larger image)

and i realised i haven't been doing much layouts :)! heee... i am missing my 12x12" !
and here's what keeping me occupied :) Packing stuffs to bring over to Malaysia this Sat. Can't believe how time flies ... THANK YOU THANK YOU for the incredible response ! I am truly looking forward !

so sorry i haven't been around much over at your blogs... my life is a little chaotic at the moment LOL! next week, i hope it'll be a little better...


Evgenia said...

everything is so beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Wowie! I love that spool, the popsicle sticks, and everything you do! (Don't bother with the layouts, I prefer these LOL!) ... Thanks for sharing Em. Take care, enjoy your class :) see you again!


Lisa said...

Ваши работы прекрасны!!!
Получила огромное удовольствие просматривая их. И много новых идей.

Monique said...

That spool is sooo cute!!! and I wished you were teaching a bit closer, say in The Netherlands.... I would love to attend a class by you!!! Have fun, I'm sure you will be a huge succes!!!

teacher jessy said...

I used to do frames out of the ice cream sticks with my preschoolers! They loved it! You gave. Very dainty look to yours! You always do amazing creations & I do wonder where u get ur vintage pieces. You hv so much! Lol! Can't wait to see u gf!!

Janetcraft said...

it's a great idea to have 40 popside sticks that turn into a box? wow, that's awesome creation..

liana suwandi said...

i love the idea here :) yours absolutely stunning!

Chok Keun said...

Lovely projects and simply love how u recycle the popsicle sticks, hope u wont mind should I scrap lift the popsicle sticks shadow box idea?

"MOI" Freubel said...

I've just discovered your blog Emeline but ooohh..Am I glad I did !
I've browsed it for a while and although I only work digital (photoshop), I found it very enjoyable and inspiring !

Kind greetings from the Netherlands.
Rian :-)

shaggyfish said...

have fun in your class over Malaysia!
your stuff is always beautiful :)

Jaime Lee said...

Hi! Emeline, thanks for popping by at my blog. Love all your works and yes! I get to meet you in person :). I hope we can get to have more of your workshop in Malaysia in future. Stay in touch and nice meeting you again.

Fabienne et Franck said...

I love everythings, so vintage and creative! Awesome projects!

Lynette said...

Very cute projects...I wish I can sit in your class;-D

Kathy said...

Emeline, I just discovered your blog through the Zutter Zister's blog. Congratulations on the beautiful cover photo of your gorgeous mini album. I just had to comment on this post, I love these ideas. Thank you so much for the inspiration! Just the spark I needed to help me with my creativity. Now where am I going to find that cute little ballerina and vintage spool?! You are amazing!