Friday, June 11, 2010

Toy Story 3

finally it's going to reach our shores....
can't wait for this to hit the screen here !
Since our youngest 'd managed to hold decent conversations many months back, we've been visiting the cinema much more often. This time round, we are looking forward to Toy Story III !
Too cute !

and yes, us crazy parents have gone a little out of our way to join our kid's craze. grabbed this from Watson ... ! DELIGHTED ! ha. second childhood...

Mr. Potato Man happens to be my favourite character =P can't help laughing when they popped out their own eyes in the trailer. LOLLOL !!
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hope you'll get sometime to watch a favourite movie too !
will be back in a short while ...


1 comment:

shaggyfish said...

im going to watson tooo.... keke!