Monday, October 26, 2009

Winner - Zutter's Blog Hop

A BIG Thank You to ALL of you who came by and visited.

It is so rare to have SO many comments and it was such a treat to read ALL your comments. So Thank YOU !

Now, let us announce our winner for the Zutter's Blog Hop:

(yes..., i notice my girl's double chin :) )
Kindly forward your details to Nan at
Please put BLOG HOP WINNER in the subject line.

THANK YOU once again and hope you'll come by soon ! :)
PS: Laken&Lila's Giveaway is Still on... i'm not gaining anything from doing lend her your support... :)



jazsutra said...

Heeheehehehehehehehe saw that double chin .pui so pui&cute!!!teehee. dun tell her ya.

gorgeous layouts and zutter work M. sorry that I took so long to come back. Love all your happy pages. especially the one T with all the happy balloons got eyes one.-jaz

Jennifer Priest said...

Congrats!! Sooo happy for you ;)

Blue Banana said...

Hahaahaa yup! Saw tat double chin but but ... treasure them while you can! Before you know it ... is gone!