Saturday, August 1, 2009

Not to late to the party !

Welcome and thank you for dropping by :)
Not sure what i'm talking about ; please check it out HERE.
I'm sure you'd been well fed with inspirations from Shimelle's!

i'm SO honored to be invited to play along in something this cool !
MORE impressed by what Shimelle send me - downloadable Printables.
Super Neat, convenient and reuse-able. Here's what i did with her printables in its entirety.
You need to be convinced your printer is POWERFUL :P.

These printables are exclusive and are part of Shimelle's class at Two Peas starting monday.
*thanks for letting me play ! *
i hope you're enjoying the party (inspirations from the various VIPs) !
Head on back to Shimelle's and check what else is in store...

have fun and i'll be back Soon ...

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The Scrapping Edge said...

looks great I can not wait for class to start on Monday.