Friday, April 24, 2009

sleeping blog

this blog took a L ... O ... N.... G nap !!
thank you so much to all who dropped by and left some love !
i really appreciate each and everyone of you ! really !!

wanna know what took me So long to do some update ?

exhausted ... the Entire week.
- kid nobody.
having a 2 year old is no big deal.
but having to deal with occassional terrible 2's, teething problem, frequent night wakes - no joke.
Bigger problem ? Huge scare. Saw an ulcer in #2's mouth - caused him lots of pain ! Thank God it's not HandFootMouth ! things could have been bad. Turns out it was caused by enthusiastic teethbrusing by his mommy me ... =)

- have u ever had wracking headaches ?
those persistent tension pain that's on your eyebrow? not sure if it's called headache. it's not even on my head... it's SO pain it makes you slow down and stop. it made me almost half dead.
i'm so thankful for earthly physicians.

so so glad it's all over.
so, life took place .... =) yea, there're people worst off i know ... but i just like to whine a little here hee...
after all these, i had to do something with my itching fingers ... i had to touch those papers and do anything that spells crafty.

Some using Rose Moka's newest (!!!) collection .
remember, they are looking for guest designers ? Details on the site...

Some A kiss on the Chic's sneaks

check out their blog !! Some awesome sneaks of the kit =) Very nice !!

the designers at Graphic 45's did a photoswap and i did one with Hilde.
Her girls are beautiful !!

okie, seems like there're nothing much to share already ... keeping fingers crossed for better days ahead.
please take care and thanks for dropping =)

edited: I saw a blog give away @ Vanessa's blog =) so, if u are interested, find her here !


Zarah said...

Welcome back! Your work is AWESOME as usual! :D

Edleen said...

Em, glad to know all's well now. i had 3 weeks of 4 sick kids and then myself with wisdom tooth and sore gum!

Fab work by you and enjoy the weekend yeah :)

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Hey EM! Such pretty sneaks! You always inspire me girl! Glad your little one is okay! Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for all your sweet comments! xOxO

Anonymous said...

good to know that everything's ok now... and i missed all your posts.. great job as always.

vtpuggirl said...

Sneaks yummy! Love them so much! And I esp love the RM layout, so pretty.

BabyBokChoy said...

wow, these are truly amazing and of course my favorite is the G45 layout, you and Hilde did amazing swap!!!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Hi Em, I'm just paging through my May Scrapbook Trends and guess what I see????? Congrat's!

Your sneaks for AKOTC are awesome (no surprise there!)and the other layout is out of this world amazing. I can't wait to see the full reveal of the layouts.

Glad to here everything is ok now.

Mireille said... was worth waiting..
gorgeous projects sweetie!

Marfa said...

I hope your headaches are gone...I love how you wrote "earthly physicians" because very often we are healed by someone in the heavens!

That page with "what, then, now, how" all over it is so bright and beautiful!

Marcie said...

Glad you are feeling better and back to creating beautiful work!

The Memory Keeper said...

Beautiful blog!!!!!!!!!!

Christie said...

So sorry that you've been going through so much! Glad you're back!

I love your project (always). You do amazing work! So honored to be on the same DT as you!

jazsutra said...

Pretty pages M. Saw yr sms ,will crack my head and reply you later okie.Have a nice week ahead .c u sun ;)-jaz

sarah said...

beautiful layouts as always!


Euphoria said...

your LO's ROCK!! Love all the great and vibrant colors!!! Too cool for school girly!!

Chen R. said...

I really LOVE your work - it's so colorful!!

Anonymous said...

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