Sunday, January 4, 2009

new beginning

a fresh start.
time to ponder and think how i'm going live the next few months =)
my faith is a big part of my life ; it's what keeps me going and do what i do and do not do.
surely it's time for me to again reconnect, to turn back to the basics and root of my faith.
that pretty sums up what i intend to achieve for the coming months and beyond. to rebuild and reconnect.

the new year went by and now i think it's time to prepare for the lunar new year... here's how the Chinese in Singapore celebrate the chinese new year (cyn). it's a big affair here and definitely a big deal for the older folks. but somehow, the atmosphere seems diluted as the years go by. am i not the only one feeling it ... ?

we had a make shift night market not too far where we live. so want to see how the chinese here celebrate the cny? besides the usual spring cleaning, glittery decorations, eat pineapple tarts and mahjong (not for us, of course) =) yes, the glitzy decorations are red , red and somemore overpowering red. hehe.... can't blame me for getting out of the place feeling dizzy!


some scrapping interest :

hop onto Graphic 45's blog now ! This month's challenge cannot be easier i tell u ... it's all about cut outs using G45 pattern papers - due date : 31 Jan'09. Simple right. join in the fun and hope to win some G45 goodness !

will be back pretty soon....


TxScrapAddict said...

Best Wishes in the New Year!! said...

I must be crazy but I LOVE Mahjong. Can't get enough of it but I play the online version. My aunt plays the actual tile game.