Friday, November 28, 2008

my blog break

hasn't been long eh ... :) to those who celebrated Thanksgiving, i hope u had a wonderful family time....Thank you leaving your love here ! :) all of you.

nothing much going on around here. Just troubled by disturbing news on the TV.
Especially the Mumbai terror attach : here.

Shall leave u with my Bind it all Projects. Please check out the rest of the ladies.
Lots of wonderful ideas here!

1. Title: Girl's Secret
Using Zutter's new Cover All. Totally cool - check out a video on them here!

2. Title: Cards n Such

Another Using Cover All I stacked a bunch of cards , bind them up and slotted into the cover all. Neat !

3. Title: Storage Box

I used Zutter's wooden chipboard covers for these. Nope, the Bind it all isn't totally for albums. :)

4. Title: He said ; She said
by the way, this is a Single mini book.
The front cover and pages are meant for "her" funny words/ sayings.
i flipped it over and the BACK cover was embellished for "him" and back pages for "his" words and sayings.
Don't want to forget what funny things the boy and girl say to each other ... :)

k, somemore to upload but nah... another time perhaps....
stay tuned and hope u all are well ! :)

ps: Thank u Patricia and Louisafor your virtual awards. Will catch up with them soon:)


The Squared One said...

Glad to have you back in full force, my my, what creativity!! I am loving the little morsels on your work, the special surprises on how you cushioned the chipboard flowers with those little blue flowers. Man, delicious!!! Glad to see you back, gosh, now if only it would rub off on me!!!

Scrappy Nan said...

love the projects!
have a lovely weekend.

pepsigirl said...

WOW LOVE all your projects....dude I gave you a Kreative Blogger award...details on my blog. ;) I know you already received this, so don't feel you have to do it again....just feel special, you're SO dang creative!! ;)

Marjolein said...

Wow, great projects, what a wonderful result with the Cover all... love that!

jazsutra said...

love all the projects M!!so much love in creating each and everyone of them.c u 2mro ;)

Mireille said...

girl.. this totally ROCKS again!!!

TxScrapAddict said...

Beautiful projects!

Blue Banana said...

Thanks Emeline!

I totally love your work! You are such a great inspiration!

Edleen said...

great projects Em! you're so Creative!

have a Sweet December! :)

sofyscrap said...

superb !!!!!

Julie Kelley said...

Such beautiful projects!!!! I especially love the yellows, just beautiful!

Vivs said...

Wonderful creations Emeline! Loving your work! You are brilliantly one talented lady! wohhooo!

Sophia said...

Wow! Am loving all your Zutter projects! Really handy for mini albums eh? *winks*

Thanks for the inspiration!