Wednesday, October 15, 2008

went missing ...

for almost 2 weeks ! :) been awhile hasn't it .
still around ; we're okie. Just okie.

so what happened ??

1. flu bug came and gone ... now it's back.
Again .... (Nnn oooO ..... !)
2. #2 is experiencing seperation anxiety + teething = totally so not fun.
3. #1 now insist i do everything with her. Must be joking.

4. swamped and buried under papers + clothes need to be folded.
i am so behind my assignments + chaos .... yucks.

for now i 'm procrastinating which is so totally unlike me ... :) but life gets in the way and my #1 priority comes first ....

5. I'm participating Bad Girl's Kit Top Designer contest.
i tell u - the classes are so detailed. AND the girls who are in the running are
beyond amazing. Wow .... This is the 6th week and next week will be for the final Top 10. Friends Ed , Mirelle and some others are also in the running ! :)
i'm really pleased to be among these talents and friends !!

6. didn't make it to the Purple Onion's. But look at the new list of members - PO is really lucky to have them !! Congrats Susan and Sharon !

here are my assignments for the Bad Girl's TD :

Class 6 : Beaking the rules {define your style)
- for now ...
- my style changes like the season but one thing sticks - love distinct colors!

Class 5 : Color Psychology

Class 4 : Accessorizing

Class 3: Less is more

Class 2 : Mixing Patterns

Class 1 : Layering Techniques

i'm truly impressed by all the girls in the running in the truest sense!
So, if this week's my last week, i'll bow down graciously ... :)

other news :
1. Buzz and Bloom's DT call will end by the end of the Month. Get your entries rolling if u are interested yeah ...
2. Your Scrapbook Stash - Another DT Call !! YEAH !! Erica's the best. Her store is also one of the best !! Check out the details on her blog .
3. Check out the Pretty Committee Challenge blog . it's Open to EVERYONE !
4. Rose Moka's newest range Equinoxe is out !! Check out Rose Moka's blog now !
trust me - the papers' are really one of its kind and so sturdy too !
5. i'm also behind in posting my other projects. Will do it soon.

have a good remaining week , All....


The Squared One said...

Wow, your LOs are so gorgeous!! I have definitely wanted to try Bad Girl kits but I can't quite bring myself to do it due to price. Do you have to be a subber to participate in these classes. You are a good advertiser for them, they should pay you commission!!!

marjorie said...

hi emeline! thanks for the visit. love your blog. tc!

voodoo vixen said...

Loving those LO's, the colours you use are so bright and beautiful!

jazsutra said...

pretty pages m!look at pui.o pretty leh!and hope u&ed win the top designers at BG hee!is there one winner or two?keke...

Edleen said...

firstly Em, Thanks for coming over to my humble Kampong :) so nice hanging out with girlfriends. the Little Ones are so amusing and adorable aren't they!

Love All your LOs for BG class! i am honoured to be with you and the other girls moving on.

have a great Thursday(tomorrow..hehe) and enjoy the week!

Marfa said...

I missed you...checked a few times and wondered. I hope you are all back to 100% soon!!! Great layouts, I especially love that picture of your daughter with sunglasses and a headband, she looks so cute.

Mireille said...

hon your entries ROCK!!! wishing you good luck!! so cool to be in this together!
almost fell out of my chair laughing bout your list..
the EXACT same things are going on at the other side of the world..
might be cuz the lil ones are almost the same age??
noah is having a problem with flu AND molars.. wants MOMMY every minute of the day.. and amber is getting a FIT.. throws herself crying at my feet too.. attention for ME TOO MOM!
then.. 8 machines of laundry a week.. drowning in clothes.. and lots of assignments..
maybe we should switch house for a day.. think we could do that despite the language difference! =)

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back on your blog! Love the layouts. =)

Oddbjørg said...

Wow your layouts are just STUNNING. Good luck on the last class, I hope you are among the 10 finalists