Monday, September 8, 2008


it has been a while since my last digital page ...
love digital but sometimes it slows the computer and the wait kills me :)
love the quote.

Do not look back and ask why ; look forward and ask why not ... Herbert Beckerdigital ephemera (Urban Junque Collage Rhonna Farrer)
Floral embellishments (Little Dreamers)

i really have to recommend Somerset Memories: full of inspiration! i can flip, read and flip all over again !
it's a pity we can't get it freely here in Singapore.
Pretty pricey over here too. anyway, do grab a copy if u happen to see one. u won't regret it...
and i spied my page here too ! :)

have a good week.


Marfa said...

That's a fabulous quote...thanks for sharing. The layout is great! I haven't gotten into pure digital layouts, sometimes I'll print something out, whether patterned paper or text put glue it on to my layout.

jazsutra said...

M if u go digital then we gota sail diferrent ship..haha cox im dodo in that thingy.Simple and classy layout wor!and great quote;)

Chunling said...

Dear Emeline, i love the quote you shared in this post. It helped me to be a little more positive about my future :) Thanks.

~wenhether~ said...

I LOVE your digital page!! I really wish I could get into digital more but I really love my glue sticks! :)

Benga said...

lovely quote! and yay for you at being published again! thanks for the inspiration :)

Mireille said...

man.. and you rock digital too!
I envy you!!!
Pub looks awesome! Congrats!

Edleen said...

that mag is really full of inspiration! Congrats on being pubbed :)

love your layouts!

Christine said...

I love your digital's so beautiful, Emeline! The quote is perfect!

I really enjoy Somerset Memories, too! Congrats on the publication! That's so cool!