Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rant Rant

cannot stop fuming. I seriously think kids this days need some sense of responsibility ... this was what happened: i parked mom's car outside T's school and there's this bus carrying loads of students . This teenage lady hopped (read: happily jumped off the bus) and was carrying a luggage (don't ask me why kids these days carry luggage to school ?!?) and banged the luggage onto the car.... Hello ?!?

i got off the car to check if the trolley luggage caused any dent... i'm fortunate there weren't scratches cause it's not our car ! anyway, cut the story short the young lady quickly plugged in her ear phones and turned away and eyes to the sky ... still standing beside the car...

Man.... ? ! not a word of apology, not a sorry look, nothing. even if it's an accident, a sorry would be nice, i thought. but she just stood behind the car and didn't move....was such a loud bang and most of her friends turned to look at me and she's lucky- i tapped her and told her Please be careful will ya ?! i mean come on, at least a word of sorry could help...

looking at stuff like these sure cure some sore ! :) Thank you very much , E ... very much appreciated !! and thank you LYNDA for the "Made My Day Award" :) i'll get down to reading your fave blogs soon !

this layout is very special to me ; it's one of those layouts selected while serving my term for fancy pants. not exactly my fave ... arhm, but heck, that's not the issue ! :)

and this is another work done using YSS products. The store is AmazinG!!

i shall leave u with some layouts done over the past few weeks... meanwhile, take care !

Title: Miss PErsonality
using mostly Love Elsies' products

Title : oUr Paths Crossed
another wedding layout using Jennibowlin's Bo bunny's pattern paper.

Title: Special Place
Using Sketch #23 from here.

lastly one of my rare albums done for YSS.


iris said...

Wow you are a fast and fabulous scrapper! Congrats on your latest published works!

jazsutra said...

m,cool down ..the world is not a bed of rosses but wait,it's not a pile of shit either hahahaha!wif nice frenz like er-herm me ard..well,at list i dun carry luggage ard so dat means i wun knock into your car hahaha!nice layouts...congrats on your pub!

Edleen said...

Yummy Layouts Em!!! :)

jodee76 said...

Just love your layout with the Dr Suess quote. Saw it the mag and thought I might have to 'borrow' the idea!