Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Buzz and Bloom ...

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the kids are down with a serious flu bug the past week... not a very fun time especially with the Lunar New Year just round the corner, it just stalls everything. from Spring cleaning, Chinese New Year shopping, preparation etc... just had to wait !
Mommy's end: was a walking zombie for the past few days, recovering and getting back into gear again... datelines are drawing ! Yikes !!

Using one of my fave shots of baby t for Sketch #25 at Stuck ?!

a layout done to cure my insomnia during the zombie days :). Another fave pic used.
i really do have a lot of favorite pictures !

and yeah ! my phuket trip album is on its way to ST .
The pictures are 10 years and the trip was 10 years ago when i was a student... *sigh*.
10 years just gone like that...! On a happier note, i'm 10 years wiser :)

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have a good week ahead :)


Jenn said...

wow!!! can't wait to see the WHOLE project too:) lovely colors!!!

Edleen said...

ohhh Em! those looks Yummy! :D
and we're not even talking about food!!! hehe...

love your LOs!

Happy Spring Cleaning :)

Quanita said...

Been Seeing all your Brilliant work in the mags, Congratulations!

Mireille said...

beautiful!! Congrats girlie on the mini.. love your stuff!

iris said...

love your work! congrats on all the pubs too!

Edleen said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai Em & family!!!

jazsutra said...

congrats wor m..and pls ask them to return u the album under registered mail?u know wat i mean?er-herm refering to my case sob!now keep looking out to the sea,in case it comes back by boat!