Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just Another Day

my heart was still pounding as i typed this :)
you can find me here for the month of September ! Paper Trunk is a new company and i can't wait to see what else they have in store !!

one more news that made my day! i stutter when it comes to album making and it takes a pretty long time for me to even complete one. LOL! so, boy was i exhilarated when Rusty Pickle picked my album to be published in their Idea Book .
What ? THAT album ?? Mine, no kidding ?!
It was a 20 page album so give a guess HOW LONG it took me to complete that ...
i'll still think twice when it comes to album making :D

this week will be the last week of school before the close of the term.
Next week will be a happy week for Telia .
Holiday means no sleep + play = happiness !

here's a DIY .
I've been scratching my head and can't get the sight of a clip-it-up off my head. I keep thinking i need one. Found a substitue although it's not an ingenius replacement, it kept my table more presentable and decent ! I used a wooden cup holder and hang my rub ons (those small packs) using office-rings. its good enough for me ...

Thanks for dropping by to read...


~currant7 said...

congratulations are in order - twice! :)
i can't wait to see the album when it's published.
great stuff on the store. :D

~~wenhether~~ said...

Congrats on the album!I cant wait to see it!!!

carrie*postma said...

we are so excited to have you as our designer in September!!! :0)

Edleen said...

Congrats Em!!! wonderful news! :)

and Thanks for your yummy RAK Prizes for us over @ {Create} :D

have a good weekend! enjoy the school hols!

iris said...

WOW!! That is such a big accomplishment!! I can't wait to see it in print. Congratulations!!!

Jenn said...

Congrats!!! WTG!!! WOWWWW!!!!

~~wenhether~~ said...

Congrat toyou! WOW! I can't even imagine having that feeling!! Cant wait to see it!!

Great DIY by the way. Clip it up is on my mind as well. There is a site online that i saw on one of my yahoo scrap groups where a woman made one from scratch at home too. It was way cool! I like your idea better though! :)

Tam said...

Em Congrats!!!! I am sooo excited to see you Designing for Paper Trunk this month! I can't wait to see your album too!!!

AnneMarie said...

what a great idea!!