Saturday, July 7, 2007

{in the name of vanity}

i confirmed kids are hard to reason with. Telia's partner (aka page boy) backed out. All was ready for him; even his tailored suit. The wedding is next saturday and the poor couple had to source for another page boy AND another flower girl. Just in case Telia backs out at the 13th hour ! Smart.

Anyway, i didn't tell Telia that she will be helping Uncle J and Aunty K. We just told her u will b looking pretty, many uncles and aunties will be smiling and clapping for u. U will be throwing flowers and you have got an important job to bring in the bride. So far so good. We had difficulty initially. That was why we desperately needed her to return to school to socialise again. Thought it helped heaps !

We're keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Some shots of our vain little girl. Though she's no longer little physically ! .... :D Thank u Jaz for loaning us one of the dresses...

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