Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me !

i am 29 !

I've been stalking the postman since beginning of May. Time and again, been disappointed by him ! Really wonder why it takes so long for parcels to reach me...
jinx address? Anyway.

The intercom rang today. Boy was i delighted it meant i could receive a box or 2. The guard mentioned "delivery man"... huh? since when postman is called a delivery man?! So, was totally stumped when i opened the door and a delivery man handed me a bouqet. Unexpected and much appreciated cause i mentioned to my hubby that i don't need "these"anymore ! and it was from my favourite florist FLUX ! thank you for the surprise !

Telia was hilarious "uncle (deliveryman) give mommy flower for birthday" - she reported to her daddy. "telia also wan for my birthday"... =)

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Mireille said...

happy late bday sweetie!!!