Friday, April 13, 2007

{ BUG off ! }

that's the new house rule : Whoever has the bug wears a mask!

the flu bug is in house AGAIN!?!
driving me mad.
feeling so unfair for baby Trevan... he's barely 2 months old and has twice been hit by the bug!

But i must say he is one great baby; although he is not feeling too well, he makes minimal fuss. His nose is snuffy and nursing is difficult. Looks like no biggie to him.
Still drinks like normal ! Wow... Telia wasn't THAT easy !
The worst i've experienced is temperature change during early dawn - that's when he gets fussy with a stuffed nose...
Ah well, it'll only get more difficult before it gets any better. So...
Anyway, already thinking of what to do when they get better hopefully by next week.

the chat yesterday with the rest of the fancy pants girls went great ! i'm so glad to be part of FP ! So much inspiration ! ok, i must write it down somewhere... PST 7.30pm = Singapore 10.30am. Checked.

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