Sunday, April 15, 2007

{ I DID IT }

finally did up my header and got it up !!
sure glad it's up...
everything is done in lightning speed now.
from buying grocery , to cooking (i sure hope my food are cooked ! ) , bathing, eating , scrapbooking etc... u name it.
Guess that's the result of having to multi task and doing things in anticipation of your kids waking up from their naps !

speeded up again and did some layouts for my assignments. I'm still waiting for my other kits ! i'm so worried everything will appear @ my doorstep together ! give me space to breathe ! ....
supplies for Snap Shots : SEI Such a Girl Collection , AC thickers

supplies for Beautiful Moments : MME Tres Jolie's collection.

1 comment:

~currant7 said...

love the beautiful layout!
great stuff