Friday, March 23, 2007

{ Trevan's }

doing fine except for his jaundice... still coming back. Still a total breast fed baby; doc's going to give him another jab for some test next week. Poor baby.

Just realise how much i missed Telia when she went out with her grandparents. It was only for 3 hours and i pinned for her already ?! missed her noise and her babbles... glad she is back ! Another poor kid. Mommy's still adjusting with having 2 kids and frankly speaking, she has been wonderful. Although she talks SO LOUDLY sometimes, she helps around and understands danger with baby around. She had a macdonald's balloon and when i told her " please bring the balloon away from baby; the sharp stick might poke your brother..." she plucked the stick out and just hugged the balloon... i melted.

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