Friday, February 2, 2007

Did She Say That?

After her morning bathe, Telia's hair was in a major mess... i passed her the brush to comb her hair but boy, was she rough! So, i told her "must be gentle with your will drop off if you brush too hard ..." I almost fell off my chair when she gave me a serious look and said "then must buy !"

I've almost given up ( ... urm... almost). I've yet to take a decent picture of Telia together with my swelling tummy...and time is running out! Either we're too slow to capture "that"precious moment of she is too swift in her mood-change! ... no amount of coo-ing her will work to make her do a slow motion kiss on my tummy... i mean she does stroke, talk and kiss my belly but when she sees the camera out, she says "don't want... shy!"... LOL ... like real !

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