Monday, February 19, 2007

[ Gong Hei Fatt Choy ]

.... kids are the happiest lil' people around during this season !
Telia was in such great festive mood wishing relatives introduced to her a HAppy New Year. Yesterday morning started off with her telling me she wanted to wear her "princess" skirt .... o well, it's just a long skirt which she can twirl and dance in . To her, that's "princess"....ah, the age of innocence. By late afternoon, she was so tired of receiving the red packets and told a kind relative "enough already"... LOL... i couldn't stop laughing but it sounded funny.

kids are really funny sometimes ! and i love their subtle sense of humour. The blank look on their faces after they said something funny unintentionally.
Anyway, i was told by my gynae that baby #2 will be due anytime now cause his head has already engaged. [I didn't tell Telia anything about expecting baby early ]. Today, one relative asked her

"so, when is mommy due? ... "

without any thinking, Telia blurted "Saturday .... !! "
u can say i nearly fell off my chair. So far, only "Sundays" are in her repertoire of vocabulary (because of Sunday school and church) no other days yet. Imagine how shocked i was ! (in case she really is correct ?! ) LOL... anyway, never know.

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Mireille said...

think then you are REALLY gonna beat me..
all is nice and quiet over here =)