Saturday, February 24, 2007

[ Getting Sentimental ]

[journaling reads: Remember this: although your little brother will be out soon, & mommy will be busy for a while, remember that u are my 1st born, my 1st love and my very 1st precious baby. I'll love you just as much... mommy.]

Telia has been getting pretty whiney these days... " m-o-m-m-i-e-e-e-" i'm not too sure why. probably her radar is @ again!

that is why it got into me and i'm getting all emotional and sentimental... just had to sit down and finish a layout just for her. i mean in fact the majority of my layout revolves around her somewhat but... this one is special.

We went to the new ikea @ Tampines today. It is HUGE! how could i resist not taking this precious picture of Telia?! She just slouched on the lounge sit and asked us to "take peek-ture please?! " *smack forehead*

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