Wednesday, January 31, 2007

In Preparation ..

Think the body is really preparing itself for the BIG day!
Can u imagine it's already February tomorrow ???

Have been packing the labour bag... and also Telia's survival bag ... =)
Stuff to survive for 2-3 days when mommy is in hospital. Have already told D that she'll be the first person i wanna see after i deliver !
Not sure if it's still early but who knows labour starts wherever and whenever !

There are loads to wash for the little guy... Think my nesting instinct is settling in as well. Been cleaning and wiping (that happened to me when Telia was due too... O O )...
AND Sleeping ALOT ! I always feel sleeping is a waste of time but seems like i don't have any choice now ... trying to finish as much DT work as possible hopefully i won't fall behind and hopefully our lil guy is cooperative in all ways.

Our fingers and toes are still crossed. Today Telia's teacher informed that there is a case of Hand Foot Mouth disease in the morning class and has ceased all pool activities and playground play. Another Ooooh ....! Guess it's like that when kids are @ this age. BUT not this TIME , O LORD !! She's in the afternoon class so let's hope she'll be alright ... and the Chicken pox incubation period is ending soon... hoping and praying not dots, no pox and no fever .... *sigh* ...

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