Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Check this out!

Received a call @ 1.30 AM last night.... apparently it's a "+1707 ...."number.... i was already half asleep and thought i sounded sleepy so i didn't pick it up. It rang twice. This morning received email from Leah .... Gosh! She was the one calling and she tried to call again this morning but i was in the loo and missed it AGAIN! I think i'm driving her MAD! LOL!!

Anyway, she sounded so sweet and nice to ask me to be on the 1st ever Design Team! My Scrapbook Nook
It is a online retail turn kit club... been around for 4 years and now doing a total revamp. How exciting! I'm ecstatic of course!!! I guess i am lucky cuz they wanted to globalise and have their presence felt in various countries so i'm honored to represent our little red dot!


Anonymous said...

wow, emeline. congrats!!! sounds like you are going to be very very busy:)

JoyLovePeace said...

hey Shirls! thanks for ur comment! i need it to keep me sane! hehehe