Thursday, December 28, 2006


FPD - no not fire and police department!! =D
received a mail from Fancy Pants to say i 've been selected for a spot in the 2007 team! YES! It is truly every scrapper's dream to be on a manufacturer's designer's team.... To all those scrappers out there who have the desire to be recognised, press on! Yes, someday someone WILL recognise your work... The hardest is the waiting BUT i always believe in the motto : The Best is Yet to COME!!

I'm ecstatic! I'm still feeling faint over the news... It's such a HUGE news i don't know how to digest. =)
I'm over the moon... *sigh* God is Good! Here are the list of Fancy Pants Girls!
Here is a list of the full Fancy Pants team (in no particular order)!!! Congratulations!

Vicki Chrisman
Heather D. White
Jeri Hoag
Lisa Garay
Greta Hammond
Cari Fennell
Michelle Clement
Amber Tosh
Holly Pittroff
Cindy Tobey
Dena Coe
Amy Peterman
Emeline Seet-Ng
Beshka Kueser
Shirley Chai

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